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Technical program

Technical program

Monday 23rd June,  9:30-10:30, Session M.1 - Management of SaaS over PaaS/IaaS

  •  Workshop opening 
  • Cloudified IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) for Network Function Virtualization (NFV)-based architectures 
    Giuseppe Carella (TU Berlin / Fraunhofer FOKUS, Germany) et al.
  • CloudWave: where Adaptive Cloud Management Meets DevOps
    Dario Bruneo (University of Messina, Italy) et al.


Monday 23rd June, 11:00-12:30, Session M.2 - Advanced support facilities in PaaS and IaaS

  • Monitoring Applications and Services to Improve the Cloud Foundry PaaS
    Luca Foschini (University of Bologna, Italy) et al.
  • Overlay Energy Circle Formation for Cloud Data Centers with Renewable Energy Futures Contracts
    Melike Erol-Kantarci (University of Ottawa, Canada); Hussein Mouftah (University of Ottawa, Canada)
  • Decomposition of Memory Consumption Footprints to Identify Problematic Threads
    Özdinç Çelikel (Istanbul Technical University, Turkey) et al.


Monday 23rd June, 12:30-14:00, Lunch Break

Monday 23rd June,  14:30-15:30, Session M.3 - New Trends in Cloud management

  • Automating the Hadoop Configuration For Easy Setup in Resilient Cloud System
    Antonio Celesti (University of Messina, Italy) et al.
  • Dynamic Virtual Machine Migration in a Vehicular Cloud
    Tarek K. Refaat (University of Ottawa, Canada) et al.

 Monday 23rd June,  15:45-17:00, Session M.4 - Concluding Session

  • Panel session: H2020: opportunities on EU-America (North and South) funded projects
  • MoCS concluding remarks

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